YCFM partners with Santa and Team NEGU to help kids who are fighting cancer

If there’s one person who can spread joy more than any other, it’s the man in the big red suit. He brings countless smiles to children all over the world. Make it to Santa’s good list and you’re in good shape.
We’re pleased to announce that Santa has joined YouCanFollow.Me to help kids fighting cancer. With a 3 way partnership with the Jessie Rees Foundation/Team NEGU, Santa is using the YCFM platform to reach kids around the world. And it doesn’t stop there either. Mrs. Claus, the Elves, and the Reindeer have also signed up with YCFM to provide activities for kids while supporting Team NEGU.
Some of the activities include things such as baking cookies with Mrs. Claus, doing crafts with Blitzen and learning about space and comets with of course, Comet.
Santa is all about spreading joy and sending encouragement to those who need it most. On Santa’s profile you’ll find links to Team NEGU where you can download and color Care Cards to send to courageous kids to help raise their spirits. You can of course also write to Santa (and receive a reply) and watch the reindeer cam where you can see Santa’s real life reindeer in their stable.
We are so thrilled that Santa has joined the team!
To color a Care Card go to YouCanFollow.Me/Santa and click on “Send Encouragement” and follow the instructions. You’ll encourage kids who are fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!
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