How to Remove a Background from an Image for Free!

So you have a photo that you want to use on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn bio… the only problem is the background. Ugh. It would be a perfect picture for your needs otherwise, right?
You could always use Photoshop… so long as you have a few hundred bucks. Seems kinda expensive for one or two uses though doesn’t it?
Well here’s a simple way to remove a background in seconds. Just go here:
Drag your photo into the upload area and BOOM! You’re done.
Remove background image
Independent Consultant Bianca Leigh - HerbalifeHerbalife superstar Bianca Leigh used this process to create the perfect bio photo for her YCFM profile.
removebg has some free editing tools so you can then drop in a color background, or background of your choice. Or you can keep it as is.
Is that awesome or is that AWESOME?

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