What’s my Venmo Link?

Ever been confused on what your Venmo link is?

You want to get paid but your customer says the link you gave them isn’t right… ugh.


Well, here’s your aspirin.

Your Venmo link is simply www.venmo.com plus your handle without the @.

Eg. If your Venmo handle is @YourName, then your link is www.venmo.com/YourName

What other links do you have that you can’t remember?

  • PayPal?
  • Your VIP group?
  • Your consultant id link to your corporate website?
  • Social media accounts?

It gets confusing with so many links trying to remember which one has an underscore, or a number… especially when they’re all different…

What if you could have just ONE link to rule them all?

Just one easy-to-remember personalized link where all your other links could be found…


Let’s say your name is Olivia Spencer. Your personalized link could be – YouCanFollow.Me/OliviaSpencer

And it can even have your phone number for texting and/or calling while keeping your number hidden from bots and spammers.

It makes it super simple for your customers to:

  • Find what they want
  • Connect with you how they want
  • Transact with you on a platform you both use
  • Easily remember your link for next time they need you
  • Easy to recommend because it’s easy to remember…

Click here to see what your YouCanFollow.Me could look like in less than 5 minutes


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