What’s my Venmo Link?

Ever been confused on what your Venmo link is? You want to get paid but your customer says the link you gave them isn’t right… ugh. Headache. Well, here’s your aspirin. Your Venmo link is simply www.venmo.com plus your handle without the @. Eg. If your Venmo handle is @YourName, then your link is www.venmo.com/YourName … Read more

New to Direct Sales?  5 Steps to Ensure Success

Let me start by saying WELCOME!  In Direct Sales we like to say, “you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself”.  So…welcome to the community!     Each direct sales company is a little different – different pay structures (and bonuses), different sponsoring and leadership incentives, different selling structures (party plan vs one-on-one selling).  … Read more

4 Ways to Move Your Direct Sales Inventory

When I started in Direct Sales in 2003, the consultants in my company didn’t have to carry inventory. Customers ordered at parties, and everything was shipped to the Hostess. As time went on, we were able to have orders shipped directly to the customer’s house, and that meant I never had to keep inventory on … Read more