How to Split Google Sheets Column into 2 Columns

My love for Google Sheets grows more every day. Recently I had to split a list of names into first name and last name. I discovered that it’s *really* simple with Google Sheets. No complicated Excel formula to figure out… just a couple of mouse clicks and *presto*… you’re done. Here’s how: Open your Google … Read more

A platform created for solopreneurs and independent consultants to reach more people and increase sales

YouCanFollow.Me was born in the pandemic to help solopreneurs and independent consultants reach their customers when the world shut down. While similar services exits, YCFM is the only service providing a unique link with a built-in call-to-action that tells your audience exactly what you want them to do. For example, your unique link might be YouCanFollow.Me/YourName where … Read more