Kit Nappers – How they are made and how GREAT LEADERS can spot them

Kit Napper


I have to admit, when I initially started in direct sales 19 years ago, I planned on being a “Kit Napper”.  The consultant doing my party said something like this:


Oh my gosh, we have an amazing starter kit that is totally free.  You get $350 in stuff and there are absolutely no-strings attached.  There’s no quota.  You don’t have to do a single party.  Just sign here.


Wow.  Pretty great sales pitch.  Here’s what she told me:

  1. Zero Cost
  2. Zero Expectation
  3. Zero Risk
  4. Tons of free stuff


Sign me up!  Great job Ms. Consultant, you sponsored someone. But you also planted a bunch of seeds:  

  • I didn’t have to work
  • I didn’t have to try
  • No one expected much from me


What did that grow into?

  1. I didn’t have goals
  2. I didn’t book parties
  3. I didn’t try to sell anything
  4. I didn’t tell people about my business


Those seeds created a KIT NAPPER! I could have disappeared into the night very easily, never to be heard from again. You see, how you present your opportunity has everything to do with the success of your new team members.  Think about how different those seeds would have been if she had said this:


We have an amazing company that offers their consultants a great discount, bonuses and gifts for doing your job, and a phenomenal trip you can earn to an exotic location every year.  On top of that, your friends will love these beautiful products, and you can spoil them with fantastic gifts for hosting parties with you.


What seeds are we planting now?

This company gives back – WHEN YOU WORK

You can go on free vacations – WHEN YOU WORK

You can get discounts – WHEN YOU BUY THINGS

Your friends will love it – WHEN YOU SELL TO THEM

Your friends will love you – WHEN YOU BOOK PARTIES WITH THEM


Your focus in the sales pitch will directly affect THEIR focus on their new business.  It’s true, some people will start with the best intentions, and will still disappear without a single dollar of sales.  Life happens.  But make sure you are starting that conversation on the right path – the path to success.  Not down the path that allows them to easily walk away because they think you EXPECT them to!


Successful Leaders can spot Kit Nappers by conducting an “interview” of sorts.  They have a list of qualifying questions for potential recruits to make sure the person isn’t going to grab and go.  Questions like:

  • Have you ever done a direct sales business before? Find out how much training they will need.
  • How much time do you plan on spending on your business every week? Find out if it will be a HOBBY or a Part Time Job
  • Do you have financial goals for what you’d like to make every month?  Find out if they have a real CARROT that motivates them.


If the answers are: I’ve never done direct sales, I don’t have any time, and I don’t have any goals or need money. Guess what? They are probably kit nappers whether they know it or not.


Though the answers aren’t always what you want to hear, by asking these questions you know upfront what their goals are and that being a productive part of your team is not a priority to them. You know upfront that it’s probably best to keep hustling to fill your team. And you know upfront that you will need to offer extra instruction and guidance to help them create a goal, carve out time in their schedule for their new business, or help them identify a financial goal to keep their sales on track. NBC’s PSA from the 80’s is ringing in my head: “The more you know…”


That’s right – I’m NOT telling you to walk away from these people!  Great Leaders will be able to offer training and guidance to every level of consultant, from would-be kit nappers to aspiring leaders-in-training:

  • Get the kit napper to turn in sales once a quarter for their personal stash. Usually there’s some sort of activity requirement they must meet in order to get their discount.
  • Offer group parties for the hobby consultant who don’t have the time to master running an online party. 
  • Make resources easy to find for the go-getters who are building a team. 
  • Provide one-on-one training times for the Future Leaders 


Overwhelmed by the amount of different info to offer your team? can be used as a tool for your team as well as your customers.  Simply create a team YCFM page that offers links to important Facebook Groups, your back office, the month’s specials or group party, information on your team Zoom meetings, your training calendar, and an easy way for your team to reach you…all in one place. The more resources you offer your team, the more likely they are to grow into a productive part of the team without contemplating slipping away into the night with their kit.

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