A Platform Created for Independent Consultants to Reach More People and Increase Sales

YouCanFollow.Me was born in the pandemic to help solopreneurs and independent consultants reach their customers when the world shut down.
While similar services exits, YCFM is the only service providing a unique link with a built-in call-to-action that tells your audience exactly what you want them to do.
For example, your unique link might be YouCanFollow.Me/YourName where YourName is of course, your name.
That’s one of the distinguishing things about our platform”, says YCFM creator and CEO, Jason Stanley. “We are focused on helping solopreneurs and independent consultants simplify the way they connect and transact with their customers.”
YouCanFollow.Me aggregates all of your business links including social media, web site (if you have one), affiliate links to products you sell, your payment links (like PayPal and Venmo), Google maps, and of course your contact information such as your phone number and email. It puts all those links in one place and makes it easy for your audience to connect with you, remember you, pay you and recommend you.
YCFM is both desktop and mobile compatible and is a huge time saver for busy solopreneurs. Now they simply share the ONE link where their audience connects and transacts with them.

It makes my life so much easier!

“I started a 3rd business and had multiple websites and social media links. It was complicated! Now I have everything in one spot and it makes my life so much easier! And a huge benefit of this is that my customers find out about my other business while using it! This is great marketing and I’ve seen an increase of traffic from new sources. Thank you YCFM!”

– Holly Tyndall
Independent Consultant

YCFM has both a free service and a paid service for people who want to brand their profile for their own unique look, embed video and images, and who want detailed reporting. To get started with YCFM pick a username/handle for your unique link and create your account.

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