Host Coaching for Higher Online Party Sales

Imagine this…

You’re an independent consultant for a direct sales company and you just booked an online party with “Sue”…

How exciting!  You set up a Facebook Group, create a ton of content and pretty posts, and tell her to start inviting her friends and family.  She’s super excited and invites 80 people, all new to you.

YAY, new customers!! 

You spend the next week posting, going live, sending out follow up messages to Sue, and at the end of the week you have a whopping… zero in sales.  Sound familiar?

It’s ok. We’ve all been there.

You didn’t do anything wrong.  But times have changed, and it’s not enough to just have amazing posts in a group.  To give your online party the best chance of success, the first thing you need to ask yourself is this:

WHY did Sue invite these specific people?

I’m sure she can answer that question, but the problem is, she didn’t tell her friends the “WHY” when she invited them to the group. So when they got the notification that Sue had invited them to yet another Facebook group, they ignored it. Or it got lost in the barrage of notifications they get every day. Or they joined to be polite but they didn’t know anything about the product and they figured Sue wouldn’t notice if they ghosted the group.

What if Sue had sent each invitee a personal message that told them why she was inviting them in the first place, why she loves the product, or what about the product made her think of them? Then, instead of talking to a group of strangers who may or may not even see your posts, Sue’s friends are more receptive to what you are posting and are actively looking for more information about it.

Just think about it…are you more likely to buy something because the commercial on TV tells you it’s wonderful, miraculous, a must-have, or because your best friend tried it and just told you she thinks you would love it? Right. So let your host lend credibility to you and your products so you’re posting to a warm crowd instead of an empty room.

Depending on the product or service you sell, the messages will vary. But ask your host to come up with 2-3 truthful, personal statements like this about your products:

I think you’ll love this product because (it’s absolutely delicious and so easy to make)

I thought of you because I know you (are trying to eat better at home)

I tried it and loved it because (even my picky eaters ate it without complaining)

When they are inviting friends to the group, have them include one of those statements.  

Imagine that simple shift.  Instead of having people randomly added to the group, each one gets a message from their friend that says exactly WHY they were added.  

Host Coaching for Direct Sales

This will GREATLY improve engagement in the group.  But that’s not enough. You need to bring those 80 new people into YOUR universe.  You want to make sure they can find all your links anytime they need to:

  • The link to shop the host’s party on your company site
  • The link to join your Facebook Group
  • The link to follow you on Instagram
  • The link to GET A SAMPLE 
  • The link to text you
  • The link to pay you directly when they purchase some of your inventory

And you don’t want to bomb the party with 6 different posts with 6 different links that they have to search around to find! 

What if all of those links were the SAME!?!   What if that link was watermarked on the bottom of every photo you published in the group?  

When you set up a page, that’s exactly what you get.  One link to rule them all.

Download the “Landing Page Method” to learn how to set this up for your business, or create your YCFM account now in 10 minutes or less and make promoting your next party a breeze.

2 thoughts on “Host Coaching for Higher Online Party Sales”

  1. Thank you so much for this! 💖 I will definitely print this out & use it because I can relate to what you’re talking about here. I need to do “All this” do improve my business growth.

    • Nice to hear from you Melva, and glad you’ll use this method. Like Liz and I talk about on our trainings, it’s so important to guide your people. We can’t ever assume they’ll know what we want them to do…


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