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Easy for Customers to Remember You

With your own personalized link, just tell them YouCanFollow.Me/YourName
Then they can find exactly what they want. 🌟

Simplify Connections with Your Customers

Add your phone number, FB Messenger, or email, and let your customers choose their preferred way to reach out. Communication made easy and flexible! ✨

Make it Effortless for Customers to Get to Know You

Incorporate a video to introduce yourself. It's a fantastic way to educate them about who you are, what you offer, and how you can assist. Lights, camera, connection! 🀝

Streamline Ordering for Your Customers

Just add links to your website, Venmo, or PayPal. They pick their preferred option - no more endless back-and-forth messaging. Simple and efficient shopping at their fingertips! πŸ›οΈ

Simplify with Your Personal QR Code πŸ“²

Every YouCanFollow.Me account includes a unique QR code.

  • Just download your code,
  • Incorporate it into your printed materials (like samples, thank you cards, etc.),
  • And effortlessly guide people back to your YCFM profile. Scan, connect, and engage!

Add links for your hostesses or catalog parties

Add each of your hostess’s party links to your YCFM. Make it easy for your customers to purchase under the correct hostess.

Takes your customer directly to the right place.

You send them to YouCanFollow.Me/YourName

They pick the one they want.

Explore a World of Gorgeous, Brand-Inspired Themes 🌟

Discover the ideal theme that resonates with your style! ✨

Can't find what you're looking for? No worries! Design your own custom theme to showcase your unique brand, especially perfect for representing multiple companies! πŸŽ¨πŸš€

"I started a 3rd business and had multiple websites and social media links. It was complicated! Now I have everything in one spot and it makes my life so much easier! And a huge benefit of this is that my customers find out about my other business while using it! This is great marketing and I've seen an increase of traffic from new sources. Thank you YCFM!"

Holly Tyndall - Epicure Independent Consultant

One Link to Rule Them All

Instead of having multiple links, with YCFM you have just one:

  • It's your online business card...
  • The ONE place for everything.
  • Makes it EASY for your customers to find what they want, connect with you they way THEY like, and pay you the way that's easiest for them.

Stop letting orders slip through the cracks

  • You know following up and staying in touch is key for your direct sales business...
  • Never miss a follow up again when you use our easy follow up system.
"I love using my YCFM link because it gives me less work to do. No longer do I have to worry that my customers don't have my current party links etc. Once they have my YCFM link, I can do my updates and my customers will automatically have my current links always. I also like knowing my stat numbers, and that is included too, such a great tool to have!"

Sandy Marinelli - TBSAH Independent Consultant

More Reasons To Tell Your Customers YouCanFollow.Me!

Makes Promoting Easy

Saves You Time

Helps Grow Your Business

Customize to Suit Your Brand
  • Choose a theme
  • Or design your own
  • Add a welcome video
  • Invite visitor to your VIP group
Lead Capture System
  • Collect leads by offering a sample
  • System saves their data
  • Sends email welcoming to your VIP group
  • Reminds you when to follow up!
Easy Customer Management
  • Import your customer database
  • Save notes and info about your customers
  • Sort them into specific groups
  • Send out messages via email
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