How to Remove a Background from an Image for Free!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 - Jason Stanley

So you have a photo that you want to use on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn bio… the only problem is the background. Ugh. It would be a perfect picture for your needs otherwise, right?
You could always use Photoshop… so long as you have a few hundred bucks. Seems kinda expensive for one or two uses though doesn't it?
Well here’s a simple way to remove a background in seconds. Just go here:
Drag your photo into the upload area and BOOM! You’re done.
Herbalife superstar Bianca Leigh used this process to create the perfect bio photo for her YCFM profile.
removebg has some free editing tools so you can then drop in a color background, or background of your choice. Or you can keep it as is.
Is that awesome or is that AWESOME?
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