The simple service that helps your customers
find · connect · transact · remember & recommend you...

Perfect for independent consultants and solopreneurs

Connects You to Your Customers

Eliminates Back and Forth Messages

Makes Promoting Online and Offline Easy

Helps Grow Your Business

As a hard-working solopreneur you're your own boss...

But There's a Problem...

  • You have a lot of moving parts in your business
  • Your upline told you what they want, but not necessarily how to do it
  • You're not sure how to attract new customers
  • You're not sure how to promote online
  • Resulting in confusion and lost sales
  • What you've been trying isn't working
  • Customers uncertain of the best way to order from you
  • It can be confusing and time-consuming
  • It's overwhelming trying to keep up

YouCanFollow.Me helps your customers


How YCFM works!

Consolidates Your Business Links

YCFM puts all your links in ONE PLACE, making it easy for your customers to find what they want.

You get an easy-to-remember personalized link with a built-in call-to-action.

Instead of using multiple links, just use YouCanFollow.Me/YourName

So simple!

It's Your Online Business Card!

Include your phone, email, web site, payment links and social media. One place. All your stuff.

Super easy for your customers to get in touch and order from you.

Makes Getting Paid Easy

Include your Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal link. No more trying to remember what they are when a customer calls you. Just direct them to YouCanFollow.Me/YourName

Helps Grow Your Business

With just one link to promote, sharing your business has never been easier.

We've even built in a mini CRM so you can capture new leads and manage your contacts with ease!

Works on all mobile devices and desktop computers.

Your Plan For Connecting With Your Customers and Growing Your Business

1. Create Your Personal YCFM Link

Choose your handle. A good handle is your name or the name of your business. Try to keep it short so it's easy to remember.

2. Add Your Other Links

Add your web site(s), social media links, and payment links to your YCFM link. It becomes your online business gateway. It's the one place customers connect and transact with you.

3. Promote Your New YCFM Link

Send your audience to your YCFM link whenever and wherever you would use any other link. Include it in your social media bios, email signature and printed material.

YCFM gives you and an easy-to-remember, personalized link with a built-in call-to-action.

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Happy Boss Ladies!

It makes my life so much easier!

"I started a 3rd business and had multiple websites and social media links. It was complicated! Now I have everything in one spot and it makes my life so much easier! And a huge benefit of this is that my customers find out about my other business while using it! This is great marketing and I've seen an increase of traffic from new sources. Thank you YCFM!"

- Holly Tyndall
Epicure Independent Consultant

Everything in "one-place-one-click.

"How it has made promoting & marketing my business so much easier. So convenient, innovative and great support. Everything in "one-place-one-click." You need to check it out. Love it!❤️👍"

- Melva Lavayen
TBSAH Indepedent Consultant

This IS your all in one!

" If you have a small business and multiple social media accounts as well as multiple payment methods, this is where your customers can come and select where they want to go. Start with the free version and see if this would work for you. I am a Paparazzi Independent Consultant and this service has upped my game!"

- Gabby Erickson
Paparazzi Independent Consultant

Plans & Pricing

Get started for free or upgrade for premium features to make running your direct sales business even easier!

FollowMe Free $0 / Month

Includes Basic Links, Phone Links, Basic Icons, Basic Color Themes, QR Code, Simple Reporting, and Basic Email Support.

FollowMe Plus $7 / Month

Includes everything in FollowMe Free plus Image Links, Video Links, Premium Themes, Custom Theme, Lead Capture and Contact Manager, Advanced Reporting, Priority Email and Chat Support.

Will YouCanFollow.Me work for me?

  • If you're tired of the same old results and WANT better...
  • If you want to make it easy for your customers...
  • If you're willing to take action to become the boss you were meant to be...

then YES!

Still Not Convinced? Check out these YCFM features to help you Capture More Leads

Set Up your Lead Capture Form

Whenever someone visits your YCFM link give them the option to join your VIP group. Capture their details so you can follow up, invite them to an event, or give them a product sample.

Create Your Personal QR Code

Use it on all your printed media. Business cards, thank you cards, labels, stickers, product samples, window decals, t-shirts, etc. Drive offline traffic online!

Add to Your e-mail Signagure

Add your personal YCFM link to your e-mail signature. Every time you send an email you'll be promoting your YCFM link to drive more business.

Consolidate Your Links. Eliminate confusion. Get More Customers.

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